Steroids the Norm in the UFC?

Has anyone else noticed the absence of USADA and PED testing news in the UFC as of late? The last year or so I have barely heard a peep about USADA testing and any fighters being flagged. Have fighters that may have previously pushed the envelope with banned substances gone straight? Has USADA lowered the thresholds for banned substance flagging? Has the UFC told them to stand down? Or, perhaps the reporting has changed in such a way as to reduce the publicity of PED use? What has been going on? Not to be the one to sling mud, but I am sure people have seen what Conor McGregor looks like these days? Let us be serious, you do not have to be an expert in PED testing to know that it is apparently not that difficult to beat (or cheat) the system. Anyone who has seen the Icarus documentary knows this. When you consider that there are certain athletes that have more financial resources than others, and more access to designer drugs and high-tech methods, is it really a stretch to think that something has changed in the UFC relating to PED’s? Personally, I have felt that there have been more fighters that do not pass the eye test. I think anyone that has spent any time in gyms or has been a competitive athlete at any level, is a little more attuned to athlete’s body changes and the signs of PED use.

With these things in mind, in my opinion, USADA has either loosened their restrictions (as per UFC dictates), or some fighters have done their homework on ways to push the envelope without getting flagged. Do I think a lot of fighters are doing anabolic steroids? No. Do I think fighters may be using other PED’s that may help with training and recovery? It is very possible. Has USADA, PED testing and subsequent results been kept on the down low? It seems so. This is professional fighting, and serious business. Careers and longevity are on the line and can you blame a fighter if they pushed the envelope in order to increase their performance and recovery time, and thus give themselves a competitive edge? I can not. What do you think?